Advantage Foothills

The Alberta Foothills Region, Calgary, and Alberta, offer key competitive advantages for enterprise.

The Alberta Foothills Region:
  • No Business Tax Surcharge
  • Competitive tax and utility rates and high amenity and services levels provided for tax dollars
  • Location, Location, Location - to major urban centres, transportation corridors, and the U.S.
  • Lifestyle Edge - high growth environment, high per capita amenity and full urban services with the benefits of smaller community atmosphere.
  • Quality of Investment - Okotoks and High River tied for 6th best place to invest in real estate in Alberta in 2006 (Source: Real Estate Investment Network (Alberta))

Quick Fact

"The Calgary (Region) is one of the Top 3 'emerging powerhouses and best urban prospects in North America,' in its analysis of the world’s fastest growing cities, describing Calgary as 'business friendly and relatively affordable.'"

(Forbes Magazine, 2010)
Calgary is ranked #33 in the world (221 cities ranked) for quality of living based on political, social, economic, and environmental criteria. Calgary is ranked #1 in the world in 2010 as an eco-city based on water availability and potability, waste removal, sewage, air pollution, and traffic congestion criteria.

Src: Mercer (sourced from Calgary Economic Development Presentation)

Alberta (Source: Government of Alberta web site):

Strong Economy - Alberta leads the nation in employment and export growth, and per capita investment.

Cost Advantages - Albertans pay the lowest personal income taxes in Canada. Alberta businesses have among the lowest business taxes in Canada. Alberta’s total federal/provincial corporate tax structure is 14.2% below the U.S. federal/state average.
Infrastructure - modern infrastructure in Alberta includes advanced technology, extensive transportation networks, quality education and training facilities, superior research and development and competitively priced commercial and industrial real estate.

Skilled and Productive Workforce - 63.7% with post-secondary education, highest labour force participation rate in Canada, highest economic productivity in Canada (value added per hour 118% of Canadian average), manufacturing sector with highest productivity in Canada, more trades people with an Interprovincial Standard Red Seal than any other jurisdiction in Canada, competitive wage/salary rates (Alberta has total compensation cost advantage over U.S. due to publicly funded healthcare).

Quality of Life - affordable cost of living, and world-class educational and health care facilities contribute to Alberta's superior quality of life. A strong economy combined with Alberta's diverse landscape, lovely scenery, low crime, and clean air and water, all contribute to making Alberta one of the best places in Canada and the world in which to live, work or visit.