Agriculture Value-Added/Processing

Alberta's food processing sector is one of the largest manufacturing sectors in the province, employing 28,000 people. With only 10% of the population, Alberta accounts for 20% of Canada's total agri-food exports.Alberta's strategic location, transportation infrastructure and extensive and diverse agriculture staples base crop industry are well-positioned to be further leveraged with investment in value-added activity.

The M.D. of Foothills has a thriving and extensive agricultural base with ready access to Calgary and its superior global transportation linkages. The Town of High River is an agricultural services and agri-food manufacturing centre. Investment opportunities exist in organic foods, processing, horticulture (flowers, bulbs, berry crops, nurseries, specialty crops and processing), food processing, and food production. Growth of this sector is supported by a grow-local/eat-local market trend. Value-added processing of raw materials at its source is more energy efficient. Social sustainability is encouraged via preservation of a rural lifestyle and associated economic activity in the Foothills Region.
Anchors companies located in the Foothills Region:
  • Cargill Foods (established 1989) - beef processor, employs 2,100
  • Highwood Distillers (established 1976) - production of broad line of distilled spirits, employs 35
  • Rollover Premium Food - production of premium pet food, employs 49