Business - From the Home

Side-step the blur of the rush and work from home in the Foothills Region!

80% of job growth in Canada is now generated by small business (less than five employees), and broadband and technology is fundamentally changing the way we work, and where we work. There is a vast and growing opportunity to work from home.

The Foothills Region has a lifestyle advantage, with small town atmosphere and convenience, high per capita amenity, competitive taxation, utility rates, and other fixed business costs, and readily available broadband infrastructure.

Accessibility to the City of Calgary, with its diverse and flexible opportunities, provides the Foothills Region with an opportunity to concentrate an already burgeoning home-based workforce within the Region.

People living in the Region tend to be motivated by lifestyle choices. Living in/re-locating to the Foothills Region to pursue a home-based employment option, people are naturally inclined to be:
  • a telecommuter, an entrepreneur, a professional service, a consultant, in the engineering field, a home-based business, and an outdoor enthusiast that spends time in the foothills and the mountains
  • cherish a sense of space
  • value family and safety
  • have children and an active lifestyle
  • are not motivated by ‘the corporate ladder


  • Home-Based Business
  • Tele-Commuters
  • High Tech
  • Professional and Technical Services - engineering focus, one to two person consulting services firms
Economic Sectors Targeted: All sectors

Number of Registered Home-Based Businesses in Foothills Region - 1400