Top Investment Towns in Alberta Named - Okotoks #9

Alberta's Top Investment Towns Named For 2012 - 2018 National Independent Real Estate Research Company Releases Findings of Alberta Economic Analysis

Calgary beats out Edmonton as the Number One place to invest in Alberta

Dec. 3rd - The Real Estate Investment Network’s (REIN) release of Top Alberta Investment Towns analyzes the current and future prospects for real estate investment opportunities in Alberta. The 120-page report states that recent market correction provides buying opportunities for home owners and investors; however, only in select regions of the province. It identifies which areas will outperform in the coming decade and finds that the City of Calgary is the top region in Alberta in which to invest in real estate.

REIN is Canada's leading real estate research, education, and consulting organization for the last 20 years and its latest report is an analysis of key economic fundamentals for investors and home owners across North America. The in-depth research is based on the latest statistics, economic and social trends, and on-the-ground reports from REIN's research staff, members and industry professionals.

Today's Market Turmoil means Opportunity for Investors & First Time Home-Buyers

Despite today's continuing market turmoil, our research indicates that there are more buying opportunities now than in the last few years, meaning more investment options and better yields," said report lead author Don R. Campbell, founder of REIN and author of the best-selling books Real Estate Investing in Canada and 97 Tips For Real Estate Investing.

"With today’s mixed market signals it is critical that investors and home-buyers complete that extra level of due diligence. We are no longer in the Tiger Woods years of real estate investing, where you won no matter what you bought. Now we get back to market reality where economic fundamentals, not speculation, will once again play the key role in whether a property increases or drops in value. The years of skyrocketing prices are finally over; however, over the long term the economic fundamentals of these key regions will help their property values dramatically outperform other regions of the province."

The Top Alberta Investment Towns report list:

1) Calgary
2) Edmonton
3) Airdrie
4) Red Deer
5) St. Albert
6) Fort McMurray
7) Lethbridge
8) Grande Prairie
9) Okotoks
10) Leduc
11) Sylvan
12) Lacombe

Calgary on Top of the list

After a couple of roller coaster years, Calgary is back on a roll. The return of jobs to the city, as well as greatly reduced office vacancy rates show us that the city’s short slump has come to an end. Recording a GDP growth of 3% in 2011, and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the country, it’s no wonder Calgary is sitting as one of the top places in North America for property investors. When you combine the economic fundamentals, the population growth, and a burgeoning provincial economy, it is easy to see why so many businesses and people have come to call the city home.

Edmonton remains near the top of the list of cities to invest

Investors and homeowners have survived the recent downturn in Edmonton’s real estate market. The recession brought the market back to reality; giving it the opportunity to get back in alignment with the economic fundamentals that fuel the area. Edmonton is back near the top of all lists when it comes to the best places to invest, whether you are talking provincial, national or world-wide. The city is now attracting more international investment than ever before, due to its unique position as Canada’s most diverse and stable metropolitan economy. In the next few years, Edmonton will need to ensure that it is providing enough housing for the next wave of people moving into the city to fill job vacancies.

Airdrie is a star

There is no denying that Airdrie has been one of the fastest growing communities in the province and homeowners, developers and investors have done very well over the last several years. Its proximity to the economic engine of Calgary and the growth of the surrounding economy will push the physical and economic growth limits of the city in the next decade. The city’s leadership is handling the tremendous growth better than others in the province and with their positive steps towards densification (which will help investors receive increased income), council and planning departments are setting Airdrie up for a long term win.

Leduc surfaces as a Top Investment Town

Leduc is appearing on the Top Alberta Investments Towns report for the first time. The city has witnessed a population growth of over 40 per cent in the last five years, an increasing number of major construction projects, job growth, and low vacancy rates. In a nutshell, Leduc and the surrounding region are rapidly moving away from being considered a bedroom community of Edmonton to being a region of economic and job growth. Leduc’s location right on the main transportation artery of one of the strongest economies on the continent, and its proximity to one of the fastest growing airports in Canada, sets the city up for both residential and job growth.

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