Turner Valley Launches New Brand
The Town of Turner Valley will use its new brand and visual identity to help implement a number of recently completed Plans: Economic Development Plan; Town Square Concept Plan; Campground Relocation and Improvements; and Ball Diamond and Sport Facility Development Plan.

February, 2013 - Turner Valley Town Council has approved a community brand, including a new logo, that will increasingly appear on Town materials and environmental applications moving forward.

A brand is more than a logo - it's a way of talking about what Turner Valley is and aims to be to residents, the Calgary Region, and potential investors and new residents. Turner Valley's new brand will be a workhorse that help the community achieve an ambitious future that honours a hard-working heritage. The community will be tackling longstanding issues and quality opportunities head on, including addressing our industrial legacy more aggressively, promoting arts and culture, working to attract independent entrepreneurs, and nurturing a commercial and social downtown.

What if the old Gas Plant site could be partially reclaimed to form one of the largest urban parks in the heart of a community in Alberta? What if Turner Valley could work with Okotoks to make the region a baseball training centre for Alberta? What if the downtown came alive again with commerce and culture in new building activity? What if the community identified a new site for commercial and industrial development that could reduce residential tax load and improve ability to pay for amenities residents desire? These are the types of big ideas that were embraced in Economic Development Plan-making efforts, and will be reflected in a brand that works to build a unique community within the Calgary Region.

The new Turner Valley logo is a modern interpretation of a “leaf,” symbolizing environmental stewardship that lies at the heart of the community’s values, green initiatives to come, and proximity to Kananaskis. Movement is up and to the right, reflecting the steep rise of Alberta’s foothills to meet the front face of the Rocky Mountains portrayed in the logo. Colours reflect Alberta’s blue skies and green summer landscape.

A tagline – Back To Nature – will be used in marketing initiatives. The new tagline is a literal interpretation of Turner Valley’s location at the foot of the Rockies while reflecting pursuit of a greener vision where Kananaskis, environmental stewardship, healthy lifestyle, and artistic and cultural expression are symbiotic and attract new investment and residents.

-Turner Valley’s Vision-

Turner Valley 2020 – A Back to Nature Community

Lying at the base of the Rocky Mountains, Turner Valley’s geographic setting is inspired and the lifestyle relaxed – which has attracted a thriving community of visual artists, musicians, and independent entrepreneurs. The community reflects the essence of small town values of community-mindedness and feeling of belonging, offering economic opportunity for independent free spirits, and housing options for those seeking an affordable and close-knit community to raise a family in against a backdrop of environmental focus and desire to ‘tread lightly’. A primary gateway to Kananaskis Country (Rocky Mountains), a myriad of outdoor recreation options are at the core of community life.

Mountain gateway. Creative. Connected. Beautiful. Family-friendly. An Environmental Steward. Turner Valley 2030 is a memorable, soulful community with:

  • An oil and gas legacy transformed into one of Alberta’s largest urban parks.
  • Visible creativity
  • A beating heart of creative spirits expressed in art, music, and other forms.
  • Beautiful built features.
  • A vibrant town centre with mixed use, parkland, and architecturally attractive features.
  • A strong presence of families and independent entrepreneurs and professional services inspired by geographic setting and quality of place.
  • Affordable housing.
  • Enhanced outdoor recreation pursuits.
  • A more balanced tax base that can consider enhanced quality of life features.
  • A strong record of partnership and collaboration regionally.
Green To The Core: Tuner Valley Development Vision

Close relationship with the environment enhanced by:

  • More aggressive approach to remediation of oil and gas legacy
  • Construction of linked pathway system (highest ranked recreational amenity by Turner Valley residents)
  • Multi-use vision for Hell’s Half Acre, including heritage interpretation and green space.
  • Selected Green initiatives focused on water conservation and energy consumption reduction/alternative energy
Business Matters
Vision: Mixed use commercial development and home-based business focus that attractive to independent entrepreneurs that want to live in an atmospheric small town
  • Stimulate an atmospheric downtown with quality spaces
  • New industrial/commercial land supply (minimum 55 acres)
  • Encourage home-based business
  • Mixed use commercial/residential in downtown area
Fast Friends
Vision: partnership that best meets the long-term needs of area residents, is most attractive to investment, and generates an ideal scenario for fiscal responsibility.
  • Nurture cooperative, collaborative pathway with Black Diamond around recreation, servicing, and non-residential development.
Play Niche
Vision: recreation development with focus on integrated pathways, and becoming Alberta’s soccer and baseball development centre (co-brand with Okotoks)
  • Linked off-street pathway system
  • Joint Recreation Master Plan with Black Diamond for future recreation facilities planning/construction
Town With a Heart
Vision: downtown as the heart of cultural expression, home of niche experiential activity, and focus of civic activity.
  • Cluster commercial, civic, arts/culture functions in the downtown core
  • Campground relocation / Town Square Concept Plan (mixed use)
  • Major sport facility (Ball Diamond and Sport Facility Development Plan)
  • Create mixed use residential/commercial developments downtown
  • Highway 22 aesthetic vision
  • Architectural guidelines downtown to reflect the value we place on heritage
People with ‘Flare’:
Vision: Demonstrate ‘the art of living’ in our culture
  • Develop an artistic centre for visual arts and musicians
  • Cultivate a home for independent artists and creative residents
  • Use our brand to sell our creative, environmentally-focused culture
Mix It Up
Vision: more affordable, attractive development that meets the flexible independent entrepreneur business needs of today, and attracts key target markets attracted by quality of place
  • Support mixed use commercial/residential development to nurture small town cultural feel and small business, and provide affordable housing that encourages accessibility and home-based business
What We Value
  • Heritage
  • Environmental stewardship
  • Reclaim natural assets
  • Healthy lifestyles
  • Artistic and cultural opportunities
  • Uniqueness that sets us apart from other communities
A Key Performance Target
  • Reach 85% residential / 15% non-residential split of tax assessment base
Who Will Be Attracted By Our Vision and Actions
  • Focus on attracting people and businesses that can succeed in Turner Valley:
    • Tourism Infrastructure (adventure operators, B&B, hobby-crafts, niche experiential services, wellness (retreats))
    • Professional Services
    • Creative Industries
    • Environmental Products & Services
    • Home-Based Business
    • Light industry/traditional retail (future – linked to more location-amenable land supply)